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Did you ignore the correct labeling? “New mail” broke the client’s valuable parcel (photo)

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They brought a guitar in one case: “New mail” broke the parcel and refuses to pay compensation

“New mail” broke a valuable parcel due to improper packaging / Photo: Collage: Today

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A client of “Nova Poshta” said that this service delivered her favorite guitar damaged and did not put the declared parts of the package in the box.

The woman wrote about this on Facebook and attached a photo.

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According to the victim, her husband sent her the guitar in connection with the move and paid for the packaging in the form of an air bubble wrap and a wooden box.

“The story of how” New mail “destroyed my favorite guitar, and now they get away with it all,” the woman wrote

The client also says that when sending, a note “fragile” was made, which the employees of “Nova Poshta” did not enter, as well as the estimated cost of 5 thousand hryvnyas.

“At the time of receipt of the guitar in the department №8 in Kharkov, the guitar was taken out for me for a very long time, about 15 minutes, it was taken out without packaging at all (only my own cloth guitar case), it immediately embarrassed me. saw a completely broken headstock, “the message says.

The woman writes that the employees of “Novaya Poshta” told her that there was no air bubble film at all, although it was indicated in the description of the additional package.

“Damage indicates improper packaging, heavy impacts with heavy objects, or the guitar fell from a height unpacked. I was given a completed acceptance certificate and an empty claim form.”

After that, the client was told that the document had to be filled out at home and brought to the department, and the guitar could be picked up.

“I called the hotline of the new mail, to find out the status of my claim. And the operator of the new mail told me the following: if I apply for monetary compensation, then I had to leave them a guitar. How is it in general? This is my personal guitar on which I I’ve been playing for 14 years. Where to leave? Who to leave? Why are you not responsible for the actions of your employees? “- the client was indignant.

The woman is also upset by the fact that she was not given any complete information on how to act in such situations, and the department worker filled out the form with errors.

“I took a photo of the cracks from the side where they are almost imperceptible! And at my request to rewrite the form, take another photo (from the side where the neck is really broken) – he constantly repeated:” Everything is fine, everything is fine, this is how it should be … don’t worry, you will be paid everything, there was an error in the packaging “and in general, go home as soon as possible and write a claim.” – wrote the girl.

Later, the client received a call and was told that since the guitar was taken from the department and the invoice was closed, this problem was settled and the guilt of the employees still needs to be proved.

“I demand that Novaya Poshta punish those responsible for this situation. Why are such incompetent workers working for you? I demand compensation for the cost of my musical instrument. For me, in general, this guitar is priceless! And due to the fault of your employees, it is broken,” the woman writes.

What was answered in “New mail”

In a comment under the post “New mail” wrote that the question was taken into account, and later returned with an answer.

The company apologized to the client and said that the documents for compensation for damage had already been submitted.

“We sincerely apologize for the annoying incident! We hold our fists so that a cool specialist can help you restore your favorite and magical melodies will sound from her strings again. For our part, we will try to make an effort so that the waiting time passes unnoticed, and we want to send you a gift,” employees.

How will mail work in the red zone?

Earlier, Novaya Pochta informed us that you do not need to provide either a PCR test or a vaccination certificate to visit the department.

This is confirmed by the employees of “Ukrposhta” and asked not to forget about masks and distance.

We also said that postal operators in Ukraine change prices for their services.


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