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Subscription, price control… how Monoprix limits the inflation of everyday products

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Melanie Faure
2:00 p.m., November 25, 2022modified to

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2:04 p.m., November 25, 2022

With inflation at more than 11% on consumer products, retail chains are facing an economic challenge. How to preserve the purchasing power of the French? Guest of La France Bouge on Europe 1 this Friday, the president of Monoprix, Guillaume Seneclauze, details the initiatives of the supermarket at the initiative of consumers.

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The prices of consumer goods have been rising steadily for months. In one year, there has been an increase of almost 12%, according to the Iri barometer for LSA. For consumers, it is increasingly difficult to check out due to inflation. Aware of the economic crisis, the president of Monoprix has committed to a series of measures to preserve the purchasing power of the French.

Guest of the program La France Bouge on Europe 1 this Friday, Guillaume Seneclauze ensures that the prices of everyday products are framed. “Monoprix has a ‘Mono petit prix’ operation which blocks, among other things, 300 everyday consumer products, in particular own brands (note, under the Monoprix brand),” explains Jean-Paul Mochet’s successor. “Mainly food because that’s where customers are waiting for us – but not only. There is also the subscription.”

Price sensitive customers

What subscription is this? Launched in 2021, Monoprix Plus allows you to obtain a 10% reduction on your basket thanks to a subscription offered at €9.90/month. “The cost is amortized after two shopping baskets on average, then you have 10% on your purchases so it is extremely profitable for daily shopping”, details Guillaume Seneclauze. “It allows you to have access to the quality of Monoprix products, but at a really attractive price.”

Guillaume Seneclauze ensures that the subscription is selling well. “You always have more customers – that’s where you see real customer sensitivity to price.”

Frozen meat, toilet paper and paper towels are among the products most affected by inflation.

Source: Europe1

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