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After criticism from Macron: US President Biden promises Europeans changes to the anti-inflation package

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US President Joe Biden used French President Emmanuel Macron’s state visit to appease Europeans’ anger at America’s anti-inflation package. “We can make changes that make it easier for European countries to get involved,” Biden said. He spoke to Macron for a long time about this topic.

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The legislative package contains a few small errors that could be fixed. Congress passed the $430 billion bill to tackle climate change and boost renewable energy and semiconductor manufacturing.

According to European leaders, the anti-inflation package with massive subsidies for US-made products puts European companies at a disadvantage.

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At a meeting with US officials on Wednesday, President Macron criticized the American legislative package as “super aggressive” towards European companies, according to insiders. On Thursday, Macron said France did not come to Washington to request an exemption for its economy, but to provide information on the impact of the law.

According to the French Treasury Ministry, the two presidents have made great strides in mitigating the impact of the legislative package on European allies. (Reuters)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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