Christmas: Confcommercio, food and top toys for gifts

Three out of four Italians will do i Christmas Gifts, but there is a 27.3% who will not make purchases mainly to save money, due to the worsening of their economic condition or due to the increase in prices due to inflation. These are the results of a survey on Christmas 2022 consumption carried out by Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia in collaboration with Format research. At the top of the list of the most popular gifts are food and wine products (70%), followed by toys (49%), books and ebooks (48%), clothing (47%), personal care products (41%) .

Among the gifts that recorded the greatest increase compared to last year are the pet products (+8.4%). As for the budget allocated for purchases, 64% will spend between 100 and 300 euros, while 1 out of 3 consumers will not exceed 100 euros; of the thirteenth, however, only a small part will be destined for gifts, while the bulk will go towards household expenses, taxes and bills. The Internet is confirmed in first place (64.6%) as a method of purchase even if it is declining for the first time since 2009.

Preferences for i neighborhood shops (from 42.5% to 45%) highlights the Confcommercio study while beyond the gifts addressed to their own family unit, 50.3% of Italians will give gifts to friends and acquaintances and the purchasers will mainly be spouses in couple. More than one in two out of two consumers will buy Christmas gifts in the first half of December (51%). However, compared to last year, the share of those who have already made purchases in November has increased (38.4% vs 34.3%).

Source: Ansa

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