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    Ukrainians massively return “Euro plates” to Europe – what is the reason

    Euroblazers complain that customs officials refuse to release cars from the country

    Customs officials refuse to release cars from the country / Photo: Collage: Today

    Car owners with European plates (“Euro plates”) are returning their vehicles to Europe en masse. However, this does not save them from problems.

    This is reported by UkrAutoprom.

    Cars are mainly exported to Lithuania for sale. They are encouraged to do this by the expiration of the grace period for customs clearance. For many Ukrainians, customs clearance has become impossible until mid-November 2021.

    In Ukraine, our compatriots do not want to leave their cars not cleared, because of the threats that will appear after the end of the grace period beginning on November 10. And they refuse to clear customs at the full price.

    However, new surprises await them at the border – customs officers issue them huge fines of UAH 170,000. They complain that customs officials refuse to release cars from the country with a minimum fine of UAH 8500.

    And some Ukrainians, who do not want to clear their cars at full price, simply burn them – they call it a protest.

    Some Euroblocks may confiscate

    In Ukraine, some “euro plates” can be withdrawn even after customs clearance, during an examination at the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    The fact is that Ukrainians bought used cars from the EU with damaged VIN codes.

    Such a car is very difficult to legalize, they are confiscated, and then they can even initiate a criminal case against their owners.

    Earlier we wrote that the Verkhovna Rada has lowered taxes on customs clearance for Eurobies, but not everyone can use this opportunity.

    In Ukraine, the demand for the so-called “Euro plates” has also decreased and the interest in cars from the USA has increased.



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