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    Lidl enters Ukraine: what ATB’s main competitor will sell

    At Lidl, eight and ten products on the shelves are owned by their own brands.

    In addition to developing its own brands, Lidl is investing in its Get Fresh initiative / Photo: Collage: Today

    The first Lidl supermarket may soon appear in Ukraine, which will compete with the Ukrainian ATB chain. These stores will sell goods of their own brands and European quality – this is how Lidl operates in all countries where it operates.

    What does Lidl sell

    At Lidl, eight out of ten products on the shelves are owned by their own brands. The company produces its own cleaning products, coffee, vegetables, fruits. These products are much cheaper. At the same time, according to company representatives, they are of high quality. Manufacturers adhere to the strictest norms and standards.

    The company produces:

    • dairy products PILOS and MILBONA;
    • meat products DULANO and PIKOK;
    • fish products NAUTICA;
    • ice cream – GELATELLI and BON GELATI;
    • BELLAROM coffee and LORD NELSON teas.

    What products do buyers choose

    Not all Lidl products are happy with customers. Some of them receive many complaints. The Sun has published a list of products that people most often complain about.

    Buyers discourage others from buying cleaning products, Towergate cookies, fruit malt loaf, frozen pizza. But, baked goods are advised, including cinnamon rolls, croissants, chocolate rolls, raisin rolls, apples, iced donuts, frozen spicy bean burgers, dried Baresa pasta, dishwasher tablets, and W5 descaler.

    / Photo: The Sun

    Private labels and focus on freshness

    In addition to developing its own brands, Lidl is investing in its Get Fresh initiative to expand its range of fresh organic products such as meats, fruits and vegetables. When entering the Ukrainian market, Lidl can start actively cooperating with Ukrainian farmers. But, for this they will have to give up harmful additives and pesticides.

    “The company works well with local suppliers and uses marketing communication to promote their In-store promotion, creating a positive customer experience. For our market, the wide range of local products may be questionable, as there are scenarios of fierce competition from Lidl when local products they are practically absent in their stores. The key advantage of Lidl for the Ukrainian market may be inexpensive high-quality imported products and their own brands “, – expert Julia Dziuba comments.

    Earlier we reported that, according to experts, the largest European supermarket chain Lidl, following the example of which the first ATB stores were opened, is unlikely to appear in Ukraine in 2022.

    Recall that the Russian supermarket chain Mere opened its first store in Ukraine, which, according to NSDC Secretary Alexei Danilov, is a special operation of the Russian special services.



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