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07:19, January 30, 2023

In 2022, CDI offers have exploded. This is the result of a study by HelloWork exclusively for Europe 1. 3.5 million offers posted on the site last year were open-ended contracts, or 41% of offers in total. This is proof that, despite the economic crisis, companies do not hesitate to offer permanent contracts. Their objective is to fight against the labor shortage.

The type of contract that has increased the most

The proportion of open-ended contracts posted on the site has increased by 6 points in one year. This is the type of contract that saw the strongest increase last year. First, the companies had to fill the positions left vacant, notes David Beaurepaire, managing director at HelloWork.

Fill vacancies

“The fact of having to replace employees who are more likely to have changed jobs or companies in 2022, both for reasons of purchasing power, and then also because the context, a relatively low level of unemployment , gave them confidence to be able to wish to change jobs”. Then, companies simply created permanent positions in 2022, to attract candidates and fight against the labor shortage.

Offer permanent contracts to attract

“In certain skills, there is such a shortage of skills that in any case, they need to offer a permanent contract. And then we are part of a more medium-term context where, in terms of demography, skills shortages will be more and more glaring. And so it will be necessary to invest and offer long-term contracts to attract these future employees in particular”, notes David Beaurepaire.

And most of the time these offers have found takers: according to provisional figures from Urssaf, in France, the number of permanent hires has reached a record level. They passed the 5 million mark last year.

Source: Europe1

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