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BASKET EUROPE 1 – of the 12 everyday products, prices are still rising

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Baptist Morin

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Each month, Europe 1 in partnership with the IRI Institute, looks back on food inflation, through its witness basket, which includes 12 everyday products from major brands or private labels such as rice, eggs or even laundry. Objective, follow the rise in prices. In December, the European basket had risen by €10 over one year. What about the month of January?

By carefully scrutinizing the labels in supermarkets, customers are unpleasantly surprised to see the almost continuous rise in prices of certain products. So, to see more clearly, Europe 1 in partnership with the IRI Institute, undertakes to follow inflation around a basket containing 12 food and hygiene products.

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In the Europe 1 basket, nine daily food products from major brands or private labels: eggs, pasta, butter, milk, coffee, peas, rice, minced meat and honey. Three hygiene products are also present: toilet paper, washing powder and shampoos.

A 26% increase

The European basket follows the global trend. Inflation increased again in January and the basket also increases by 26% between January 2022 and January 2023. This constitutes five points more between December 2022 and December 2023, or approximately €0.70 extra.

These centimes are the effect of some sensible rise. Over a month, the pack of ten private label frozen hamburger patties continues to increase by €0.14 between December 2022 and January 2023. of €0.39 over one month. These increases are a delayed pass-through of inflation to the fund. Conversely, a few reductions should be noted, such as that of €0.14 for the six-litre pack of national brand semi-skimmed milk.

Source: Europe1

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