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Stock Exchange: Milan little move (-0.05%), bad for many banks, on Eni

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Work: in Naples the Hse Symposium on safety, health and environment (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, OCTOBER 29 – A little weekend session in Piazza Affari (-0.05%) to close a week full of quarterly reports, which affected the price lists. As well as the fears of a further inflationary push, according to some analysts, weighed, despite the ECB reassuring that this is a temporary situation and has kept rates steady. Concerns that led the BTP-Bund spread to end the week at 127.5 points, exceeding 131 points on the day, therefore on the highest levels since early November 2020, with the yield of the Italian ten-year increase to 1.16% .

Among the positive banks, Intesa (+ 0.8%), while for the rest the introduction of the 500 million ceiling for the transformation of DTAs into tax credits for bank mergers, with thuds for Banco Bpm (-7, 2%) and Bper (-6.4%), while Carige remained afloat (+ 0.9%). Fineco (-0.2%) and Unicredit (-0.5%) in the red, the day after the accounts and closed in the days preceding the negotiation for Mps (-1%). Mediobanca was negative (-0.4%) the day after the shareholders’ meeting. Male Tim (-2.9%), in the day after the quarter, as well as Stm (-1%).

Pharmaceuticals are at the top of the main list, with Recordati (+ 2.3%) and for oil products Eni (+ 1.9%) with the accounts, while Tenaris plants have lagged behind (+ 0.04%) and above all Saipem (-2.3%), the day after the quarterly report. Atlantia rose (+ 1.7%) and Moncler did well in luxury (+ 1.4%) in the day following the quarterly figures, strong Aeffe (+ 2.4%).

In Exor form (+ 1.2%), the day after the agreement with Covea for PartneRe. Stellantis loses something (-0.2%), with the accounts of the day before. Utilities fell, Cattolica fell (-2.6%) with the success of the Generali takeover bid (+ 0.05%), Piaggio fell (-7.1%) with the quarterly report. (HANDLE).

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