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Bonuses, salary increases, taxes… In 2022, the crazy expenses of TotalEnergies

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Margaux Fodéré, edited by Romain Rouillard
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06:24, February 08, 2023

If the financial results of TotalEnergies for 2022 – which will be known this Wednesday – promise to be excellent, the oil giant has spent lavishly over the past year. Rebates on fuel and salary increases granted to employees represented a non-negligible cost for the company.

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Last year TotalEnergies got its hands on the portfolio. The company’s financial results, which will be known this Wednesday, however promise to be excellent for 2022 with profits that could even exceed those of 2021. Nevertheless, they could have been even better if the oil giant had not agreed to different devices to relieve the purchasing power of the French.

Bonuses, rebates and salary increases

Over the past year, TotalEnergies notably sent various fuel bonuses in the form of rebates of 10, 12 or even 20 centimes per litre, throughout the year. These measures cost the company around 600 million euros. To this must also be added salary increases with, on the one hand, a bonus capped at 6,000 euros, paid to all TotalEnergies employees worldwide and, on the other hand, an increase in salaries, variable parts and bonuses granted to all employees in France for 2023.

These envelopes have a cost, as Jean-Pierre Favennec, energy specialist, reminds us. “There is part of the profits of TotalEnergies which has been used to increase salaries and bonuses. The cost for Total is certainly a few hundred million euros”. Finally, we must add the tax on superprofits, paid by the company on behalf of 2022. A contribution paid to both the European Union and the United Kingdom for a total of 2 billion euros.

Source: Europe1

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