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Stock Exchange: Milan reduces decline (-0.2%), pharmaceuticals are doing well, Eni rises

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US GDP curbs, ECB in trenches on price risk (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, OCTOBER 29 – The decline in Piazza Affari (-0.2%) decreases slightly in mid-afternoon, with few positive stocks supporting the main list. At the top are pharmaceuticals, with Recordati (+ 2.3%) and Diasorin (+ 0.8%), and Eni (+ 2.3%) with the quarterly report, while the other oil products are in the red, from Saipem ( -1.9%) to the Tenaris plant (-0.4%), with crude still falling (wti -1.2%) at 81.8 dollars a barrel and brent at 84.1 dollars.

Good in luxury Moncler (+ 1.6% 9, the day after the accounts and Exor (+ 1.2%), the day after the agreement with Covea for PartneRe. In form Atlantia (+ 1%) and among the cars Ferraris (+ 0.5%), not Stellantis, the day after the quarterly report. In sharp decline in the day after the Tim accounts (-3.1%), as did Stm (-1.5%). Thud for Banco Bpm (-6.9%) and Bper (-7%), with the introduction of the 500 million ceiling for the transformation of DTAs into tax credits for bank mergers, which favor only Carige (+ 2.3%). In the red also Fineco (-1%) and Unicredit (-0.9%), on the day after the accounts, which in the previous days had interrupted the negotiations for Mps (-0.8%). Positive exception Intesa (+0 , 3%). Down Cattolica (-3.2%), after the success of the takeover bid by Generali (+ 0.1%). Poste (-1.9%), Leonardo (-1.7%) in the negative and some utilities, including Terna (-1.6%) and A2a (-1.4%), among the smaller capitalization securities, the collapse of Piaggio (-7.3%) on the day of the accounts.


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