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Electricity tariff will be transferred to Ukrainians: what price will be set

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In Ukraine, the electricity tariff can be approximately doubled: from UAH 1.44 per kWh (with consumption up to 250 kWh per month) to UAH 2.5 per kWh. This step is necessary for repair work.

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This is stated in the material GLOBAL HAPPENINGS. Yes, restoring the energy system will cost billions, without raising tariffs this money will not be found. In March, the Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution, which establishes the current tariff for electricity, expires.

Officially, the Cabinet of Ministers refuses to announce a possible recalculation of tariffs, but admits that they are considering different scenarios. According to GLOBAL HAPPENINGS, we can talk about an increase in current prices up to about UAH 2.5 per kWh (now, with consumption up to 250 kWh per month, you need to pay UAH 1.44, and in case of consumption from 250 kWh for a month – 1.8 UAH for each kWh.

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As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS wrote earlier, in Ukraine, options for increasing electricity tariffs have been considered for several years. However, due to the unpopularity of such a step, the final decision was never made. Russia has caused billions of dollars worth of damage to Ukraine’s energy sector. According to Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, at least half of the energy infrastructure has been damaged.

The Government Decree on JI will expire on March 31, 2023. Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers needs to either extend the document (leaving it in the current version or updating it), or wait for the cancellation, transferring the industry to a market footing.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS wrote earlier, Ukrainians pay for gas at different rates. Most use the services of Naftogaz, but there are also several commercial suppliers of blue fuel.

Source: Obozrevatel

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