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Ukrainian coin is being sold for 75 thousand UAH: why is it so expensive

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Ukrainian commemorative coin “30 years of independence of Ukraine” is sold for 75,000 UAH. It is made of silver – the pure weight of the precious metal is 500 grams. Denomination – 50 UAH.

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The announcement of the sale is posted on a specialized resource Violity. Behind him, the coin is in a bank state.

Ukrainian commemorative coin

Whether it has defects, the author of the ad does not indicate. However, he notes that the restoration was not subjected.

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The coin comes with a corresponding certificate. Also a wooden case.

“50 hryvnia 2021 30 years of Independence of Ukraine, 0.5 kg, silver, wooden case. Banking condition,” the announcement says.

The coin is made of silver

What is known about the coin

The coin “30 Years of Independence of Ukraine” is dedicated to the adoption in the Verkhovna Rada of the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine. It was released in August 2021.

The circulation of the coin is 500 units. Denomination – 50 UAH.

According to the NBU, the pure weight of the precious metal is 500 grams. The group is smooth with an in-depth inscription. Diameter – 85 mm.

The pure weight of the precious metal is 500 grams.

What is shown on the coin

On the obverse of the coin (front side) there is a small State Emblem of Ukraine. And:

  • framed by rays, a powerful oak, the crown of which resembles the contours of the borders of Ukraine, and the roots – decoratively reproduce certain stages in the creation of the modern history of Ukraine – the UNR, ZUNR, the Ukrainian State, the UNR Directory, etc .;
  • inscription Ukraine;
  • denomination;
  • hryvnia graphic symbol;
  • year of issue.

On the reverse of the coin there is a mosaic, decorated with floral ornaments, the image of the Sign of the princely state of Vladimir the Great – the trident. And also an inscription in three lines 30 years of Independence of Ukraine.

Coin denomination - 50 UAH

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, the Ukrainian commemorative coin “25 Years of Independence of Ukraine” is on sale for UAH 333,333. (about 9 thousand dollars). It is made of gold – the weight of the precious metal in purity is 62.2 g.

Source: Obozrevatel

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