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Ukrainians will increase water tariffs twice: NEURC told how the monthly payment will increase

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In Ukraine, electricity tariffs will be increased twice in 2023: at the first stage in April, the increase will be 12.3%, and at the second stage in July – 14.1%.

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This is stated in the explanation of NEURC. So, on average, the expenses of a family of 2-3 people will increase by 60 UAH. “The level of tariffs at water supply and sewerage enterprises depends on the local characteristics of the production and provision of these services,” the company notes.

Thus, prices depend on the source of water supply, its remoteness from consumers, the quality of water in the water supply source, the treatment technology used, the volume of services sold, the state of fixed assets, the branching of communications, and many other factors.

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“Given the experience of the NEURC state regulation of the activities of licensees in this area, it is optimal to revise tariffs once a year. NEURC is considering the possibility of a two-stage revision of tariffs for centralized water supply and centralized drainage,” the explanation says.

There are several reasons for this growth. The more water a water utility sells, the lower the tariff will be (because it distributes costs to a large number of consumers). In Kyiv, consumption decreased by 11.65%. At the same time, the costs still increased: you have to pay 8.6% more for electricity (already taking into account that, with a decrease in consumption, the number of kWh used also decreased). Depreciation increased by 9.03%.

Reagents have sharply risen in price (by 81.69%), and they have to spend 23.97% more on salaries. In a situation where the cost is rising, the only chance to maintain the tariff is to compensate for lower prices from the municipal or state budget. However, there is no money for this.

Tariffs for water utilities operating with a license from NEURC are planned to be increased in March. At the same time, small water companies, which are subordinate to local councils, are already working with the new prices. Yes:

  • in Starokonstantinov, Khmelnytsky region, the cost of water has increased by 13.84%, up to UAH 56.84 per cubic meter;
  • in the village of Novoye, Kirovograd region, the tariff has already been increased from 28.69 to 49.83 UAH per cubic meter;
  • in Busk, Lviv region – by 18%, up to UAH 61.64 per cubic meter;
  • in Mukachevo – from UAH 28.69 to UAH 59.79 per cubic meter.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS wrote earlier, Ukrainians pay for gas at different rates. Most use the services of Naftogaz, but there are also several commercial suppliers of blue fuel.

Source: Obozrevatel

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