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Ukrainian woman sued over UAH 65 thousand in PrivatBank: she became a victim of scammers, the bank was obliged to return every penny

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Lebedinsky district court of Sumy region ordered PrivatBank to return UAH 65.7 thousand to its client. The plaintiff stated in court that unknown people withdrew this amount from her credit card. And although the bank itself explained that the client herself was responsible, since the money could not be withdrawn without having information known only to her, the court took the side of the victim.

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This is stated in the case file No. 950/1379/22 (published on March 16), which is at the disposal of GLOBAL HAPPENINGS. Note that in all cases of fraud in PrivatBank they refuse to return the money to the victims. The only exception: if the money disappeared due to the fault of the bank. However, the financial institution will never admit its guilt.

A client of PrivatBank noted that from her credit card withdrew UAH 65.7 thousand and immediately contacted the police. The bank also learned about fraudulent activities, but the funds were withdrawn from the ATM and allegedly could not be returned. The court considered the arguments of the parties and decided: the bank is obliged to compensate for the losses.

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“The court cannot take into account the arguments of the defendant’s representative to the extent that it is the plaintiff, as a client of JSC CB Privatbank, who bears full responsibility for the unauthorized receipt of funds from the card account by third parties,” the materials say.

As a result, the bank was ordered to cancel all interest on the loan used by the fraudsters, as well as to restore the state of the account that existed before the fraudulent activities. In fact, the Ukrainian woman will receive UAH 65.7 thousand from the bank.


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Source: Obozrevatel

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