Ukrainian pensioners will receive payments from April 1: who will be affected

From April 1, pensioners who continue to work and receive insurance experience will be transferred the amount of payments. The changes will be individual in nature: payments will take into account several parameters.

This was reported in the Ministry of Social Policy. They noted that they are:

  • acquired experience;
  • official salary.

“The amount of payments to pensioners who continue to work is calculated by multiplying the average salary, insurance period and individual earnings coefficient. You don’t need to specifically apply to the Pension Fund for recalculation, it will be done automatically,” the specialist explained the essence of the increase.

You can find out how much the pension will increase as part of the April recalculation on your own – on the portal of electronic services of the Pension Fund. For this you need:

  • log in to your personal account using a qualified electronic signature or ID-banking,
  • check the information about the recalculation in the “My pension” section.

The rules for indexing pensions have been rewritten

At the same time, in Ukraine, when indexing pensions in 2023, for the first time, restrictions were introduced on the amount of recalculation. The limit was set at UAH 1,500. So, with a pension above UAH 7,600, the increase will occur exactly by UAH 1,500, and not by 19.7% of the amount of the payment (as for those who have it below this level).

According to Deputy Minister of Social Policy Daria Marchak, such a decision could become the basis for the upcoming revision of the indexation formula. After all, the limit was set to reduce the gap in the amounts of payments.

Marchak stressed that this restriction is a “balancing mechanism.” And it can provide a uniform increase in payments.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, in Ukraine, retired combatants are entitled to an additional payment in the amount of UAH 523.25. At the same time, the total pension of such a citizen cannot be less than UAH 4,395.3 (210% of the subsistence minimum).

Source: Obozrevatel

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