Meat prices will be recalculated in Ukraine: why and when will the price go up

Ukraine will start this month rising prices for meat – beef and pork. The key factor is seasonality. From the end of March and Easter, the market becomes more active, so the price goes up.

The analyst of UCAB (Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business) Maxim Gopka told about this in a commentary to GLOBAL HAPPENINGS. On the other hand, beef will rise in price gradually depending on the supply of manufacturers.

The expert notes that the process of appreciation has already begun. In the second half of February, the purchase prices for live bait increased and returned to pre-war levels.

“Therefore, it is highly likely that prices will continue to increase in March, having stabilized in April. Another factor influencing the cost of all meat products is feed prices, which have begun to rise in recent weeks,” Gopka said.

In the same time dairy products in the spring, although slightly, will become cheaper. The analyst cited the reason: as the temperature rises, costs for producers are somewhat reduced, in addition, the cost of gas continues to decrease.

This is important for the production of dairy products. there is a possibility of price reduction in most categories of dairy products,” Gopka summed up.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS previously reported, during the war, many dangerous products began to be imported to Ukraine from abroad, said Elena Kulikova, chairman of the board of the Consumer Trust Association. At the same time, it is almost impossible to recognize such products without laboratory research.

Source: Obozrevatel

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