Export of “green” energy after the war can bring Ukraine 2-3 billion euros annually – Arne Mjos

After the end of the war and with the development of green energy, Ukraine can receive 2-3 billion euros annually by exporting it to the EU countries, says Arne Mjos, CEO and founder of the Norwegian company Itera, who develops IT solutions in the field of renewable energy.

He noted that Norway, having expertise in the distribution of renewable energy sources, will take a leading role in the transition to “green” energy in Europe and at the same time create export revenue for Ukraine in the amount of 2-3 billion euros.

“Investors will be willing to invest their assets in the country’s economy. Before the war, Ukraine could export about 10% of energy to EU member states, but after the restoration and development of energy capacities, the potential will be even greater,” Myos said.

According to him, with the support of the world community to restore and improve the energy sector, Ukraine is able to turn into a “green” superpower with large volumes of electricity exports to the EU and the UK and thus improve the balance of energy supply in Europe.

Recall, Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine aims to become a leader in the transformation of the energy industry to counter any threats, so the country will build modern green energy. Also, the state should become a green energy hub for the export of green electricity and hydrogen to the EU.

Earlier, the head of the Fuel and Energy Committee in Parliament, Andriy Gerus, said that an increase in electricity production at green power plants in the coming months could allow partially – during the day – to export electricity from Ukraine to the EU.

According to Guaranteed Buyer State Enterprise, the level of arrears to green energy enterprises for 2022 is about 50%.

Source: Obozrevatel

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