Russian oil products and autogas are imported to Ukraine – prices at gas stations have fallen

Large volumes of Russian oil products and autogas are imported to Ukraine. Because of this, the cost of gasoline, diesel fuel and autogas has decreased.

This was told to GLOBAL HAPPENINGS by the analyst of the publication “Naftorinok” Alexander Sirenko. According to the specialist, the price of diesel fuel and gasoline was affected by an increase in the supply of Russian mixtures.

“There was a decrease in quotations in Europe for oil and oil products. This made it possible to reduce the wholesale price in Ukraine and, as a result, we saw two waves of price reductions in January for both national and regional operators… And the story repeated already in February. Attaching To reduce quotes, this situation, the conjuncture, given the availability of fuel, the prices for gasoline and diesel fuel also went down. The situation on the liquefied gas market is very similar,” the expert said.

According to Sirenko, the autogas market is a separate market, it works according to “other patterns”. But there, too, the presence of a Russian product made the prices decrease both wholesale and retail.

For a month, the terrorist country receives from the sale of propane-butane to our state from $ 600 thousand. These volumes leave Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

“About 8,000 tons of gas travel to those destinations (Lithuania, Poland, Latvia) in a decade. One ton of gas in these countries is cleared through customs, we have seen, for $430 per ton. I think that this is minus logistics, and it comes out somewhere then $300 -350 per ton, you can calculate how much they earn. Of those 8 thousand, there is also the production of PKN Orlen (Polish oil refinery. – Ed.), But it does not give Ukraine more than 2-3 thousand per month, “- the expert explained.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS previously reported, in Ukraine, the price of fuel has decreased by about 5 UAH/l over the past almost two months. The reserves of all types of fuel in the country are huge, but consumption is quite low.

Source: Obozrevatel

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