More than 2,000 accounts of collaborators and traitors fell under the blocking: State Financial Monitoring reported on the work

Ukraine continues to struggle with Russia on the financial front. A search is underway for the assets of the occupiers, channels for financing saboteurs and separatists are being established, and law enforcement agencies have received information about suspicious financial transactions. more than UAH 75 billion.

In total, law enforcement officers were given information about 442 traitors and collaborators. 2002 accounts such persons have already been blocked. This is stated in the report of the State Financial Monitoring Service.

Gosfinmonitoring summed up the results

Also, in the 394 days since the start of a full-scale war, progress has been made in many areas:

  • Russia’s membership in FATF suspended

Russia’s actions are recognized as contrary to the principles of the FATF and violating the standards of the organization. Earlier, the Russian Federation was also banned from participating in current and future FATF projects.

In addition, the aggressor country is prohibited from participating in meetings of regional bodies such as FATF (FSRB) in the status of a member of the FATF. Further activities are being implemented. Their goal is the complete exclusion of the Russian Federation from the organization.

FATF is the most influential international intergovernmental anti-legalization organization. It monitors methods and countermeasures for money laundering and terrorist financing. The organization also contributes to the implementation of sanctions on a global scale.

  • Russia excluded from MONEYVAL

On March 16, the Russian Federation was excluded from the Committee of Experts of the Council of Europe MONEYVAL. Thus, the Russian Federation cannot participate in the meetings of the Council of Europe on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Prior to that, on February 25, with the participation of the State Financial Monitoring Service, Russia’s membership in MONEYVAL was terminated.

  • Russia restricted membership in the Egmont Group

The Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) of the Russian Federation is limited in the group’s membership rights. In particular, the FIU of the Russian Federation is prohibited from holding managerial, advisory and representative positions, holding meetings and participating in projects.

The Egmont Group operates to improve cooperation in the field of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It also contributes to the implementation of national programs in this area.

Also Russia lost observer status in APG. We are talking about the Asia-Pacific group on combating money laundering.

In addition, the conference of the parties CETS 198 also limited the rights of the Russian Federation. As a result, Russia is deprived of the right to vote on any issues that are not related to the statutory functions of the conference, and can only participate in conference meetings online. Also, the authorized representative of the Russian Federation is not entitled to perform any functions of a speaker, coordinator, head of the delegation, representing the conference, and also vote during elections to the leading positions of the conference.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, earlier the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine published a scheme of risks that Russia bears in terms of global financial security and world order. In particular, this is a violation of various conventions, financing of terrorism, misuse of mandates in international organizations.

Source: Obozrevatel

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