Ukraine was deleted from the “corruption” list: the Council of Europe made a decision

The Council of Europe Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) has removed Ukraine from the list of countries where the state of combating corruption is “globally unsatisfactory”. They said that Ukraine has achieved certain improvements in this matter, having implemented 15 out of 31 recommendations at a satisfactory level or close to it.

This is stated in the published corresponding report. According to them, according to other recommendations:

  • 9 are partially completed;
  • 7 is not implemented at all.

“Wartime led to the need to introduce martial law, a state of emergency and adjust priorities. However, Ukraine continued to work on the implementation of the GRECO recommendations. The progress achieved is commendable,” the report says.

The Panel also asked Ukraine to provide a report on the measures taken to implement the outstanding recommendations by March 31, 2024. In addition, concluded that the current level of implementation of the recommendations is no longer “globally unsatisfactory”.

At the same time, the leaders of the European Union supported the idea of ​​creating a legal mechanism that would hold the Russian leadership accountable for war crimes against Ukraine. We are talking about creating a tribunal for the aggressor country.

They also approved the “peace formula” from Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, who spoke online at the next EU summit, which is being held in Brussels on March 23-24.

Meanwhile, the majority of Europeans – 65% – support Ukraine’s entry into the European Union in the next few years. Sociologists believe that the majority of EU residents “resolutely and unanimously reacted to Russia’s aggressive war.” Also, according to the study:

  • 67% of those invited are in favor of Europe becoming more independent from Russian energy carriers, even if this leads to further price increases;
  • 61% – for the EU to help Ukraine with the supply of weapons in the fight against the invaders.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, Ukraine also received another 1.5 billion euros in budgetary assistance from the European Union. The funds are included in the 18 billion package and have already been transferred to the state accounts of Ukraine. You can spend these funds to cover the “hole” in the budget, but not for military needs.

Source: Obozrevatel

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