Unknown people withdrew $2000 from PrivatBank card: the bank told when they could not help

PrivatBank client lost $2,000 as a result of fraudulent schemes. After contacting the bank, the cards were blocked and an application was submitted to protest the payments. However, in the end, the bank never returned the money.

This was stated by a client of the bank at the specialized forum “Minfin”. “After me, all my cards were unblocked, but the money for the dollar card was never returned to me,” the client wrote.

The bank noted that they were sorry, however, if the transaction went through with the confirmation of the code through 3D Secure, they would not be able to return the money. According to the rules of the payment system, if the transaction went through 3D Secure without confirmation, theoretically the funds can be returned to the account.

It should be noted that in the register of judgments there are many claims of dissatisfied customers who lost their funds due to fraudulent actions. In all cases, PrivatBank refused to compensate for the damage. However, often the judges took the positions of the victims and ordered the bank to return the funds to the account on their own.

The bank reminded that each client must comply with security rules: do not share personal data with anyone, do not open dubious links, do not confirm unknown payments, do not enter your bank card details on dubious sites.

GLOBAL HAPPENINGS wrote earlier that PrivatBank blocks the accounts of Ukrainians without warning and refuses to service the details.

Source: Obozrevatel

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