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    Maneuver: Bonomi, government measures give calcium to the can

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    Camera Libera Tutti and SwimAble winners of the sixth edition of Make to Care (ANSA)

    “With these measures you kick the can, you don’t tackle the problems.” This was stated by the President of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, in his speech at the Assembly of Confindustria Umbria. “We need an energetic contribution cut”, underlined the president, above all to help young people and women, he specified. And asking where “the eight billion” of tax cuts will be put.
    “No one has told us yet”, said Bonomi, who also criticized the cig mechanism: “companies pay 3 billion in layoffs to the state every year, receiving benefits for 600 million, we are net contributors for 2.4 billion. We cannot always be State ATMs “, he explained, adding that” if we want to give the cig to everyone, and we are convinced, everyone must contribute “. So instead of “confirming the current cig, limiting itself to extending it”, it is necessary “to think of a new shock absorber of an insurance nature, universal but where everyone pays for it”.

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    Source From: Ansa

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