Volunteer spoke about a fraudulent scheme: they offer help, but in fact they “want to fry”

In Ukraine, scammers offer large humanitarian supplies to volunteers. They seem to be delivered to the specified place for free, but for this you need to pay the driver. After paying for “gasoline” scammers disappear.

Daniil Shcherbakov, founder of Helper Ukraine, spoke about the fraud scheme on his Facebook page. Fraudsters approached him, praised his work and offered free assistance – 21 tons of humanitarian cargo.

The scammers promised to deliver the cargo to where Shcherbakov asked – in Zaporozhye. However, for this you need to pay the driver for gasoline. When Shcherbakov asked several clarifying questions, the scammers found it difficult to answer them.

“Be careful, such swindlers on our good deeds want to fry us,” Shcherbakov addressed the volunteers. There are several ways to identify scammers:

  • they always rush a potential victim: they say that they can already leave with a load, that a decision needs to be made urgently and there is no time to wait. The main thing is to force the victim to make a quick and rash decision;
  • they cannot provide documents that are not ready for a personal meeting, no one can recommend them;
  • they always promise “free help” but require several thousand hryvnias to be paid in advance for gasoline, parcels, etc.


– how banks block accounts of Ukrainians as a result of financial monitoring;

– performers complain that it is not possible to freeze accounts automatically: the decision is made by the bank every time.

Source: Obozrevatel

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