Ukrainians can get rich by selling hryvnia bills: for which they will pay well

Hryvnia banknotes can bring good money to Ukrainians. Moreover, the denomination does not play a role – the high cost may be due to various features of the bill.

For example, for 24,000 UAH they sell 5 UAH of 1992. Such a price is due to its shortage – only the ornament and the number are clearly printed on the reverse side.

Hryvnia banknotes can bring good money to Ukrainians

The announcement of the sale is posted on a specialized resource Violity. Behind him, a banknote:

  • there are no hidden defects;
  • was restored – the owner leveled it.

“5 UAH 1992. Shortage. It was crushed – they leveled it,” the announcement says.

The high cost may be due to different features of the bill, regardless of the denomination.

And for UAH 30,000 they sell a set of ten 50-hryvnia bills with numbers from ED 1666660 to ED 1666669. According to the announcement:

  • the condition of the banknotes is excellent;
  • they have no defects;
  • were not restored.

The high price of banknotes may be due to their collection number

Also valued banknotes-“perversions”. They have the reverse side printed at an angle of 180 degrees to the front. For example, such 20 UAH 1992 are sold for 4,500 UAH.

Also appreciated banknotes-''twisting''

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, not only banknotes, but coins are considered valuable among collectors. For example, married.

Source: Obozrevatel

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