Ukraine will produce its own drones faster: the Cabinet of Ministers has decided

The Cabinet of Ministers has simplified the import of military goods and components necessary for the front. In particular, we are talking about UAVs and their details. Thus, drone manufacturers have become independent from the SBU and will no longer have to waste time importing component bases for drones.

The simplification was reported in the Ministry of Economy. They noted that, among other things, it is also about:

  • communication systems;
  • telemetry equipment;
  • information security systems, as well as related software and technologies.

“We are significantly increasing the possibilities for imports and expanding the circle of importers of dual-use goods necessary to ensure the defense capability of our state. In particular, the list of dual-use goods that can be imported into Ukraine without export control procedures has been expanded,” the report says.

At the same time, they stressed that this decision is expected to improve the provision of defense forces at the front. As well as manufacturers – “for the manufacture of modern powerful weapons.”

Drone manufacturers will not depend on the SBU

For his part, the head of the Ministry of Digital Development Mikhail Fedorov, commenting on the government’s decision, stressed that it would allow drone manufacturers to become independent from the SBU. In particular, not to obtain permission to import component bases for drones, which used to take 15 days.

“The examination itself delayed the process of importing components for drones. For example, GPS modules or thermal cameras. Simplifying the procedure will speed up the import, collection and delivery of these components to the front,” the minister explained.

Start of production of drones in Ukraine

Earlier in Ukraine, they raised the share of profits on foreign components in the production of drones to 25%. This will attract more companies to the production of UAVs in Ukraine, that is, to launch mass production of drones in the country.

The fact is that one of the formulas for calculating the purchase cost of a UAV looks like this: production costs + percentage of profit. Previously, profit on foreign components was 1%, on own goods and services – 30%.

That is, the manufacturer missed the opportunity to sell drones to the state at an adequate price if they were made from foreign components. “Such regulation hindered the development of Ukrainian producers, stimulated them to move abroad or manipulate documents,” Fedorov said.

Therefore, the state increased the share of profits to 25%. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, this will allow UAV manufacturers to develop more actively, scale up, reinvest profits, and compete with foreign companies.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, Ukraine canceled the value added tax and duties on the import of drones, thermal imagers and walkie-talkies. The preferential regime will be in effect until the end of martial law, but no longer than January 1, 2024.

Source: Obozrevatel

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