FRU called on the government to intensify work on unblocking the Black Sea ports

Full unblocking of ports will significantly accelerate the recovery of Ukraine and will allow half a million Ukrainians to return to work. Therefore, the government should intensify work in this direction, in particular, prepare a plan and a positional appeal to all international partners. This was stated by the Chairman of the Council of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine (FUE) Dmitry Oleinik.

“Over the past year, the cargo turnover of Ukrainian ports has fallen by 60%. At the same time, Russian ports in the Black Sea are only increasing exports. This is a shameful situation when the aggressor country enjoys, in fact, free navigation in the Black Sea and the straits, and Ukraine has such an opportunity deprived.” Oleinik emphasized.

He noted that the complete unblocking of the Black Sea ports for Ukraine will accelerate the recovery of the economy, so the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers should develop a plan on how to move towards this goal.

“If this (unblocking of ports – Ed.) can be achieved, it will mean 500,000 jobs in Ukraine and + 10% of GDP. Therefore, we suggest that the Government and Verkhovna Rada create a special working group to prepare an appropriate positional appeal to all international partners,” Oleinik emphasized.

Recently, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine published a study of the impact of unblocking ports on the economy of Ukraine. According to the forecast, when this goal is achieved, it will give Ukraine 10% of GDP, UAH 135 billion in tax revenue and $18 billion in foreign exchange earnings, as well as restore more than 500,000 jobs.

Earlier, the Associated Press agency stated that it is the blocked seaports that prevent Ukrainian industrial enterprises from resuming production, because they were forced to reduce the geography of their customers.

Source: Obozrevatel

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