Have you eaten less? 70% of Ukrainians started saving on groceries – study

Ukrainians began to save more on food. So, after the start of a full-scale war, the citizens of the country began to spend 8% less on food than before it.

According to Finance.ua, 70% of Ukrainians began to save on food. Data derived from research conducted by Deloitte. The average check for the purchase of offline products decreased by 8%, although prices increased.

In addition, Ukrainians have become less likely to go to stores. This figure fell by 1.1 times. Orders from restaurants have also declined, with 79% of those surveyed saying they have stopped using this service.

In addition, it is noted that 63% of Ukrainians are ready to save on the purchase of food. And more than 80% have a strategic supply of food at home.

Ukrainians began to save more on food

Also, people began to spend less on alcohol. There are 83% of them.

Everything has risen in price

According to the State Statistics Service, in February 2023, compared to February 2022, prices for bread and bakery products increased by 26%. In general, food prices went up by 31.5%. Yes:

  • eggs – immediately by 80.3%;
  • fruits – by 74.9%;
  • fish and fish products – by 44.1%;
  • vegetables – by 36.2%;
  • pasta – 25.8%;
  • oil – 24%;
  • meat and meat products – 23.2%;
  • hard and sour milk cheese – 23%;
  • bread – by 19.3%;
  • milk – by 17.4%.
  • sunflower oil – by 14.1%.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, in Ukraine at this time there is a peak in prices for vegetables. Accordingly, in the future they will decline. It is expected that this will happen with the advent of a new crop.

Source: Obozrevatel

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