Pensions will not increase for everyone: who will be left without an increase in 2023

In Ukraine, the annual increase in pensions takes place in several stages. However, none of them covers a number of categories. Including these are pensioners who do not meet a number of criteria, as well as former employees of the prosecutor’s office and those receiving “special pensions”.

Thus, 10.5 million people fell under the March indexation of payments. In June, pensions will also be transferred to working pensioners. However, the following categories of citizens do not fall under any of the views:

  • working pensioners who have not accumulated an additional 24 months of insurance experience;
  • pensioners receiving a pension above the established maximum of UAH 20,930;
  • former employees of the prosecutor’s office;
  • those who do not receive old-age pensions, but the so-called. monthly life allowance (for example, judges).

In addition to standard increases, Ukrainians can also receive additional payments to pensions. They are calculated based on the age of the recipient:

  • pensioners aged 70-75 can count on payment of up to UAH 300;
  • 75-80 years – up to 456 UAH;
  • over 80 years old – up to 570 UAH.

But there is an additional condition: in order to receive an additional payment “by age”, the basic pension must be below UAH 10,340. If the pensioner already receives more than this amount, there will be no additional payments.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, any worker in Ukraine can increase the size of his future pension. To do this, at your own request, you need to increase your retirement age. If instead of 60 years to retire at 65 years and 7 months.

Source: Obozrevatel

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