Ukrainians warned that prices for gasoline and diesel fuel will change: what will be the cost

In Ukraine soon prices for gasoline and diesel fuel at gas stations may decrease. So, the average cost of gas stations can be 42-43 UAH/l.

This was told to GLOBAL HAPPENINGS by the analyst of the specialized publication “Naftorinok” Alexander Sirenko. He noted that in the last week major operators cut prices against the backdrop of a relatively stable external market, which had previously sagged.

“The import resource has been coming to us for several weeks cheaper than at the beginning of spring. We will finish May with low prices at gas stations. Almost everyone stepped down by 1-2 UAH. diesel fuel costs UAH 47/l, while the bulk of large operators keep UAH 44 or less on the ceiling. They have already done this several times this year,” he said.

Thus, prices in the networks of the Avias, Avias plus, UKRNAFTA, UkrTatNeft, ANP, Maveks, Mavex plus, Sentosa Oil, Yukon, Yukon service, “Rubix”, “ZNP” will decrease by 2-3 hryvnias.

“Accordingly, some chains will follow them, which are guided by their presence in the local market. They will also decrease by 50 kop.-1 UAH in gasoline and diesel fuel. will give a shift in the average price on the market to 42-43 UAH/l – this will be the market price of A-95 gasoline and diesel fuel,” Sirenko said.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, autogas prices may drop in Ukraine in the coming weeks. The volume of liquefied gas imported into the country this month is more than it was in April.

Source: Obozrevatel

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