Ukrainians are waiting for cheap watermelons in the summer, but strawberries and apricots will be expensive: forecast

This year, farmers are trying to compensate for crop losses caused by the war in 2022 and increase the production of fruits and berries. In summer, watermelons will be relatively cheap, while apricots and strawberries will be expensive.

At the same time, unfavorable weather in the spring will cause a shortage of stone fruits in particular. This is stated in the material EastFruit.

Due to rain and cold weather in spring, the harvest of apricot and peach will be significantly lower than last year. “A significant shortage of these goods is expected and a transition to imports from Greece, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. These countries still occupied a large niche in the stone fruit market, but this year the volume of imports will grow even more,” analysts write.

Also, the strawberry harvest will be reduced by 20-30%, since the harvesting season started 2-3 weeks later and, accordingly, will be shorter. This will lead to higher prices.

A drop in production is also forecast in the apple segment due to the weather and rising prices for fertilizers. Although Ukrainian farmers are increasingly reoriented to export.

At the same time, a rich plum harvest is expected – 20% higher than last year. Another positive forecast concerns watermelon. This season, many Ukrainian farmers have planted gourds in the Odessa region, given the shortage last year due to the occupation of the Kherson region.

Therefore, the harvest promises to be much higher than last summer, and the price is much lower. In addition, retail expects to see the famous Kherson watermelons on the shelves.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, in Ukraine prices for cherries in markets and supermarkets range from 250 to 1200 UAH/kg. The key reason is the temporary occupation of Melitopol (Zaporozhye region) and other cities in the south of the country where domestic cherries are grown.

Source: Obozrevatel

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