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80 kg packaging! The Ukrainian woman was outraged by the price for the delivery of “New mail” – what was the answer in the company

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A client of “New mail” complained about the delivery conditions of “New mail” because of which she paid more than 700 UAH for 50 kg of a parcel

A client of “Nova Poshta” found 80 kg more in the check / Photo: Collage: Today

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A client of “Nova Poshta” complained that an employee at the department had miscalculated the weight of her shipment and therefore had to pay more for delivery.

The woman wrote about this on Facebook and noted that she had sent a rocking chair by New Mail.

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According to the woman, the worker packed her parcel himself into pallets and indicated the weight is incorrect. The price for delivery was more than 700 UAH.

“The employee of the new post office packed the product into pallets himself, and indicated the incorrect weight, 130 kg, although the swing weighs 8 kg, and with pallets 50 kg, and the check says 130 kg. Why are people so deceived?”

What did they reply in New mail?

Employees of the postal operator responded to the review in the comments and noted that, according to the conditions of high-quality packaging, such goods are transported in a wooden crate.

Also in the “New mail” explained that the calculation of the weight of the shipment is carried out by size, that is, by volume.

“We see that in the department upon receipt of the chair, in the presence of the client, a control weighing was drawn up and the cost of delivery was recalculated. We sincerely apologize for the trouble and wish you a good day,” the support service wrote.

However, the woman notes that the workers did not report such shipping and packaging costs.

How mail will work in the red zone

In an exclusive comment to Segodnya, employees of Novaya Pochta and Ukrposhta reported that such institutions are on the list of exceptions.

Therefore, to visit the department, you do not need to present either a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test.

However, you should not forget about wearing masks and keeping a distance, these rules remain in force.

Segodnya also wrote that Novaya Pochta and Naftogaz have created a new service for Ukrainians.

And they reported that postal operators in Ukraine are changing prices for their own services.


Source From: Segodnya

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