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Stock Exchange: Europe continues weak in expectation of Wall Street

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Environmental services, workers on strike in Rome (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, 08 NOV – European stock exchanges continue weak pending the launch of Wall Street where futures are mixed. The lists of the Old Continent are looking with optimism at the quarterly with the companies that are able to resist the grip of the increase in the costs of raw materials and the problems associated with the supply chain.

The trend of coronavirus infections and the impact on the global economic recovery are in the spotlight.

The stoxx 600 area index slightly moved (+ 0.01%). In negative ground Frankfurt (-0.17%), Madrid (-0.22%), Milan (-0.21%), on the rise Paris (+ 0.28%), flat London (-0.01%) .

Tlc (-0.3%) and cars (-1%) weigh heavily. Positive trend for pharmaceuticals (+ 0.6%) and industry (+ 0.4%). Energy was doing well (+ 0.5%), with WTI oil rising to 81.86 dollars a barrel and Brent at 83.35 dollars. Gas in Europe also rose. In Amsterdam, the price stands at 76.69 euros per MWh. In London at 196.25 pennies per Mmbtu, the British thermal unit equivalent to 28.26 cubic meters. Among the commodities, gold did not move at 1,817 dollars an ounce while silver rose by 0.14% and iron ore by 0.7%.

At Piazza Affari, Tim continues to decline (-3.2%). Nexi (-1.9%), Cnh (-1.3%), Ferrari and Pirelli (-1%) were also bad. Tenaris (+ 2.1%), Buzzi Unicem (+ 2.3%) and Stm (+ 1.3%) run. Outside the main price list, the Geox race continues (+ 10.5%). On the currency front, the euro against the dollar rises to 1.1579 in London. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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