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Assindatcolf, over half of home helpers over 50, risk of assistance

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Genoa, Banca Carige opens the first smart branch (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 11 – There are 480 thousand home helps and carers who are over 50 years old among the 920 thousand regulars in 2020, a fact that together with the decline in family assistants under 30 risks creating a hole in the network in the coming years family care especially for the elderly. It can be read in an Assindatcolf-Idos study according to which in a decade there has been a decrease of 61.4% of the under 30s.

Domestic work – they explain – is not a job that young people like: in the last decade, in fact, the presence of home helps, carers and babysitters under 30 has drastically dropped (-61.4%) while there has been a progressive aging of the workforce. In 2020, the over 50s represent more than half of the workers employed in the sector: about 480 thousand regular domestic workers (of which 319 thousand foreigners). Although in the last year the number of foreign domestic workers has grown overall by 5.3% also as a result of the latest emersion procedure (going from 601,223 units in 2019 to 633,122 in 2020), from 2012 to today they have been ‘lost’ altogether about 189 thousand foreign workers. A trend which, although partially offset by the growth of Italians (+ 12.8% in the last year), risks creating heavy repercussions on the future of home care, since the domestic sector is based mainly on the immigrant workforce, which it represents 68.8% of the total “. (ANSA).

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Source From: Ansa

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