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    Acea: 3.1 billion impact on the environment and GDP in 2020

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    #fortiinsieme, Chiara Ferragni awards the best female start-up (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – ROME, NOV 26 – Acea’s industrial policy oriented towards the criteria of the green and circular economy had a positive, direct and indirect impact in 2020, both on the environment and on GDP for an estimated total of 3.1 billion euro of added value. This is what emerges from a report by The European House Ambrosetti which analyzes the Group’s activities in 2020, presented during the Sustainability Day organized by Acea.

    With investments of 907 million, the study reports, Acea is among the top 15 companies in the Italian industrial sector, with a strong growth in the last five years, equal to an average annual + 14.4%. The Group’s use of renewable sources made it possible to avoid, in 2020, the emission of 210,000 tons of CO2, equal to the amount absorbed in a year by 10.5 million trees, three times those currently present in all Italian capitals . 68% of the electricity produced by the Group is generated from renewable sources. In the water sector, the analysis continues, Acea is confirmed as the first in terms of number of inhabitants served (9 million located in 5 Regions), investments (1.7 billion Euros in the last 5 years) and for kilometers of distribution network 53 thousand km). On the other hand, 1.45 million tons of waste treated by Acea in 2020. (ANSA).

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    Source From: Ansa

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