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    To please in jail or burn out in six months: how not to get involved in a dangerous business

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    Together with an expert, we talk about a dangerous business in Ukraine, in which it is better not to invest money

    What business can make you a millionaire or ruin you / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    Almost every Ukrainian dreams of making money on his own business, but not everyone is ready to engage in long-term promotion and invest a lot. In this case, start-up entrepreneurs are more and more attracted by dubious and dangerous types of business.

    Is it possible to really make money on them with great risk and what kind of business can be considered dangerous, “Today” we figured out with a member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Business Rada Nadezhda Bedrichuk.

    You can’t break the law

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    According to her, everything that is described in the Criminal Code of Ukraine belongs to dangerous types of business and it is simply impossible to build a stable income and a successful enterprise on this.

    “For example, pyramid schemes usually do not last more than three years. To create a business that is based on continuous risks and is supported by the crutches of individual agreements with inspectors is difficult to sell if you decide to leave it,” Bedrichuk says.

    Also dangerous from the point of view of risk are projects in which you can earn a lot and lose a lot, usually “HYIP” and require high investments in advertising to attract a new audience – this is a crypto business for amateur investors, lotteries, casinos and gambling addiction in various forms, loans to credited individuals etc.

    Legitimate business can be dangerous

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    Risks are also associated with those industries that are considered quite “prosperous” and profitable, but their high dependence on market conditions or weather conditions can put on the brink of ruin.

    “For example, it’s not for nothing that they joke that there are only three surefire ways to lose money – horse racing, women and agriculture,” the expert says.

    High-risk but profitable startups also apply. You can get fabulously rich by supporting the idea of ​​some application or IT solution, but, according to real investors, only every tenth startup pays off at best.

    Taking responsibility for human lives, whether in a mine or in a surgical ward, also adds risks to the manager and owner.

    For the death of people, you can end up in jail… However, such projects are usually not started by people far from this area. This is a serious business, and in Western countries the increased responsibility of employees is separately insured, said a member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Business Council.

    Another rather risky business is a franchise. Everything is legal here, but there are many pitfalls and nuances. For example, here you will not be able to be creative and will have to work according to someone else’s rules all the time.

    “Today,” together with an expert, we figured out who should think about buying a franchise and whom it can make a millionaire.

    Mi also talked about what will happen to small businesses that find themselves in the red zone of adaptive quarantine.


    Source From: Segodnya

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