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    Three problems of Ukrainian migrant workers: what you need to know about working in Poland

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    Most large agencies help their employees to settle in a foreign country, however, some difficulties can hardly be avoided

    We tell about the difficulties that await Ukrainians in Poland / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    Coming to Poland to earn money, Ukrainians face a lot of difficulties, especially if they come to another country on their own.

    As Anna Jobolda, Director of the Gremi Personal Recruitment Department, told Segodnya, it is difficult for such workers to overcome the psychological barrier at first that this is a foreign country and everything is different there.

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    Also, due to the lack of knowledge of the Polish language, most of the difficulties arise – from the correct registration of documents for residence to finding housing or opening a bank account.

    Two main difficultiesthat Ukrainians first encounter:

    • registration of documents for stay;
    • search for housing.

    “Foreigners who want to obtain documents for residence in Poland on their own need to fill out the documents in Polish and register for their submission to the departments, most of whose officials do not speak English,” says Anna Jobolda.

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    Also, it is often necessary to wait for documents longer than the prescribed period when it comes to a residence card (temporary residence permit). The waiting process can take 1.5-2 years in some cities. At this time, you should not leave the territory of Poland or at the same time open a work visa.

    Also difficulties may arise with finding accommodation… Again, primarily because of the lack of knowledge of the language and local characteristics of the real estate rental market. And also because a foreigner is still not completely trained in the city’s areas, in public transport and a useful infrastructure that will be used every day.

    Ukrainians who live and work in Poland claim that knowledge of the language is their best investment in development in this country.

    “However, now Poland is quite adaptive for ours – Ukrainian-speaking consultants work in banks, you can buy a bus ticket or withdraw money from an ATM using Ukrainian or Russian. Moreover, in the last three years, the service sector for its own people has been very actively developing,” says Anna Jobold.

    Why do Ukrainians choose Poland

    On New Year’s Eve, Ukrainians are increasingly sending applications for vacancies in Poland, where work experience is not needed. Due to the fact that utilities in Ukraine have risen in price, the number of workers has also increased – by 25%.

    Over the past two months, Ukrainians most often went to work in Poland due to a lack of money to pay for utilities, a desire to earn money for gifts and to celebrate the New Year.

    According to one of the personnel portals, the highest salary offered by employers from Poland is for Ukrainian IT specialists.


    Source From: Segodnya

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