discover the typical profile of the borrower in France for this year 2021

In the midst of upheaval in the real estate market, Meilleurtaux presents the profile of the average French borrower in 2021. Aged on average 37 years, he borrows an average of 193,204 euros and lives in a household that earns 4.351 euros per month. Amounts that can vary from single to double depending on its geographical position.

After three confinements, many French people want to move. According to an OpinionWay survey, 25% of them wish to change their domicile in 2021. A figure up 10 points compared to 2020. With this desire for change, many buyers with heterogeneous profiles between regions underlines the website, which each year draws up the typical portrait of the real estate borrower.

The amount of the loan varies from single to double depending on the region

In fact, since the start of the year, the French have borrowed an average of 193,204 to make their real estate purchase and have a net household income of 4,351 euros per month. A sum obtained at the national level and which hides great disparities between regions.

In Ile-de-France, the amount borrowed amounts to 298,000 euros, almost double the amount that buyers borrow in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. If real estate prices are not the same in these two regions of France, the loan gap is also explained by the differences in income that exist, explains spokesperson Maël Bernier.

The average borrower stays young

“We are almost single to double between Bourgogne Franche-Comté where the income per household and per month amounts to 3,700 euros, while we are more than 6,000 euros in Ile-de-France. And we know very well. although in Paris, the average borrower has an income of 8,500 euros net per month and per household, ”she underlines.

If these large disparities have not been erased by the recent upheavals in the real estate market, mortgage borrowers remain young in France. Thus, they are on average 37 years old and take out a loan over an average period of 21 years.

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