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Orlando, surprised by the strike, maneuver strengthens guarantees

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In Turin the first Opening Future Day, Gros-Pietro:

“I have read the reasons” for the strike “and frankly I cannot hide a certain surprise.
The maneuver is a maneuver that like all can have lights and shadows but certainly strengthens the guarantees for the workers, increases the resources on the social front, and also with the choice to invest a large part of the fiscal treasury on the Irpef front “. The minister said this. of the work Andrea Orlando on Radio too on Radio 1.
“It is certainly not a reform that penalizes workers and retirees – he added – I believe the choice of the union is legitimate, respectable, but I would not define it at all for granted or due”.
Speaking of the European directive on riders, then, the minister observed: “I think that the absolutely fictitious use of workers as self-employed actually hides a situation of dependence that must emerge”. “We must be very careful, because even in the most advanced frontier, such as platforms, phenomena that resemble the old hiring of agriculture can nestle and I do not think it is an acceptable condition”, underlined Orlando, highlighting that “there is a another piece of the question, that is, how the worker accesses or does not access this algorithm, through what tools, how does he know what the rules of the game are: this is another issue that will have to be addressed by the directive “. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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