Stock market: mixed Europe, US futures good, Milan -0.24%

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(ANSA) – MILAN, 08 DEC – The main European stock exchanges appear to be in contrast after a weak start and in the aftermath of a rally that brought back 244 billion in capitalization. Between profit taking and residual fears on the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, the lists are unable to keep up, while US futures are on the rise. Madrid (-0.43%), Milan (-0.24%) and Frankfurt (-0.08%) proceed downwards unlike Paris (+ 0.32%) and London (+ 0.41%). Crude oil fell (Wti -0.54% to $ 71.66 a barrel) and steel (-0.34% to $ 4,424 a ton), while all other metals, starting with iron, rose (+2, 23% to $ 663.5 a ton). Gas also rose (+ 2.57% to 98.35 euros per MWh). The dollar was stable against the yen and sterling, while falling to 1.128 against the euro.

The differential between German BTPs and Bunds dates back to 132.4 points, with the annual yield on ten-year bonds increasing by 2.1 points to 0.94%.

Petroleum Bp (-1.2%), Shell (-1.19%), TotalEnergies (-0.93%) and Eni (-0.88%), together with Tenaris (-1.01%) and Saipem (-1.63%), black jersey in Piazza Affari. took profits on the microchip sector, which supported the stock market indices on the eve. In particular, Infineon (-3%), Soitec (-3.55%) and Stm (-1.3%) sold. In contrast to Asml (+ 0.42%) and Asm (+ 0.97%). Cars Ferrari (-0.38%), Renault (-0.55%), Stellantis (-0.96%) and Daimler (-0.86%) are down. Against Volkswagen (-0.24%) and the Porsche holding company (+ 2.45%) upstream of the control chain, on hypothesis a possible sale of shares by the Porsche-Piech family is printed, after a possible IPO by Porsche Ag.

Minus sign for Santander bankers (-1.44%), Commerzbank (-1.33%), Sabadell (-0.66%), Unicredit (-0.58%) and Intesa (-0.2%). (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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