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Intesa Sanpaolo invests in the social sector against new country fragilities

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Moda, Capasa:

(ANSA) – MILAN, DEC 13 – Intesa Sanpaolo accelerates its commitment to combat poverty and to address the new fragility of the country caused by the pandemic. The group led by Carlo Messina has created ‘The Colors of Inclusion’, an analysis and planning document that looks at 14 thematic areas.

Italy is among the European countries with the highest inequalities. In 2020, according to the analysis of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Studies and Research Department, the pandemic had a clear effect on the economic conditions of families. In Italy we will have a “very strong growth rate but the number of families and people in poverty has increased”, says Gregorio De Felice, Intesa Sanpaolo’s chief economist.

Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment in the fight against poverty has become “ever more pressing”. With the Intesa Sanpaolo Program for the Needy, a plan to combat fragility implemented by Social Initiatives with the support and in co-planning with charitable organizations, bodies and associations, 14,450,201 meals were distributed in the three-year period 2018-2021, and interventions were made on the supply side of beds equal to 1,067,299 beds, drugs equal to 243,941, clothing equal to 203,149.

“And to be a designer you need to know reality.

So we began to study the fragility of the territories of our country. We have taken all the public data, we have aggregated the meaning and we have tried to interpret and read them intelligently. Thus was born ‘The colors of inclusion’ “, says Elena Jacobs, head of social enhancement and relations with the Universities of Intesa Sanpaolo. (ANSA).

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Source From: Ansa

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