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The strike of today 16 December, the sectors at risk from trains to buses. Excluding school and health care

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Stellantis, Palombella a Tavares:

Disruptions in sight today for the 8-hour general strike proclaimed by CGIL and UIL against the maneuver. The stop affects public and private workers, from the public administration to industry, and services, starting with transport: trains, planes, buses and metro at risk, in compliance with the guarantee ranges. The riders also stop. Excluding, however, health care, exonerated from the outset by the protest, the school that has already crossed its arms last Friday and, after the findings of the Guarantor of strikes, environmental services and the post office, struggling with the deadline of the IMU payment .

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HEALTHCARE AND POSTS DO NOT STOP. The public and private health sector with related services, including RSA, is exempted from the strike to safeguard citizens’ priority right to health in this phase of pandemic emergency. Workers in the environmental hygiene sector and employees of Poste Italiane belonging to the private market division (branches) are also exempted from joining the strike.

SCHOOL NO, BUT STUDENTS IN THE SQUARE WITH RETIRED PEOPLE. The school staff, having already struck on 10 December, do not join the strike. The students, on the other hand, will be in the square together with the pensioners, as the union of pensioners Spi-Cgil and the organizations Udu-Union of university students and Network of middle students inform.

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THE STOP OF TRANSPORT. In rail transport, as indicated by the trade unions, the stop for traveling personnel and personnel assigned to the circulation of TRAINS (excluding Trenord and freight railway companies), including catering and cleaning staff, runs from midnight to 9 pm, in compliance with the guarantee bands from 6 to 9 and from 18 to 21 and guaranteed trains for the average long distance. In transport AIRPLANE airline crews and airport operational staff, including flight controllers, go on strike for one shift from midnight to midnight, in compliance with the guarantee bands from 7 to 10 and from 18 to 21. In local public transport, always in compliance with the guarantee bands, the strike is of interest BUS, METRO, trams and railways granted, in the main cities (with the exception of Venice and Bari), in different ways: in Milan from 8.45am to 3pm and from 6pm at the end of the service; in Rome from 8.30 to 17 and from 20 at the end of the service; in Turin from 8 to 14.30 and from 17.30 at the end of the service; in Genoa from 9 to 17.30 and from 20.30 at the end of the service; in Bologna from 8.30 to 16.30 and from 19.30 at the end of the service; in Florence from 9 to 12 and from 15 at the end of the service, in Naples from 8.30 to 17 and from 20 at the end of the service. In the maritime sector, the staff of FERRIES AND SHIPS, with the exception of the essential lines of connection with the islands; for one shift the administrative staff go on strike.

TRANSPORT AND RIDER. Stop of a work shift in freight transport for road hauliers, logisticians, express couriers, employees of porterage cooperatives, staff of shipping agencies and riders.

HIGHWAYS. On the highways, the staff stops, from the toll booths to the maintenance and traffic workers for a shift. Guaranteed minimum functional services to ensure road traffic safety.


Source From: Ansa

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