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    Maldives for one salary: where Ukrainian workers are paid a lot of money

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    Average salaries in this country reach more than 78 thousand hryvnias

    Poland remains the most popular destination for earnings / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

    At the end of 2021, the Polish Seimas amended the laws and made it easier for labor migrants to stay and find employment in the country. The new provisions of the law will be the reason for the long-term stay of labor migrants.

    This was reported Ruslana Berezovskaya, head of the expert-analytical center of the personnel portal. grc.ua.

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    In 2021, Poland worked more than 1.5 million Ukrainians. This year the number may increase.

    Salary in Poland

    The main reason for looking for work abroad is the desire to receive a higher salary. According to the recruitment portal grc.ua, the average salary offered in Poland is UAH 78,100:

    • From 44 100 UAH up to 103 500 UAH offered by 50% of employers.
    • From 103500 to 123300 UAH – 29%.
    • From UAH 123,300 – 21%.

    Popular spheres

    1. In first place by a wide margin is information technology, internet and telecommunications
      – 34%.
    2. The second place in terms of the number of vacancies was taken by sales
    3. Third – science and education

    Outside the top three with the same indicator of 5%, there are two categories: administrative staff and production, agriculture.

    The highest paid jobs

    It is easy to guess that the segment of information technology, Internet and telecommunications has the highest average level of profit – 95 600 hryvnias The subsequent ranking of the most profitable areas is as follows:

    • sales – UAH 76,100;
    • production, agriculture – UAH 54,300;
    • automotive business – UAH 31,200;
    • personnel management, trainings – 26500 UAH.

    As you can see, despite the average salary of $3,000, in some areas, workers still make a profit at the Ukrainian level.

    Punishment of laborers

    In 2022, Poland is stepping up the fight against illegal employment, so workers who do not work legally in the country face fines, deportation and a ban on entry to Poland for up to 5 years.

    In order to eradicate illegal employment in Poland, an inspection can now come to the enterprise at any time to check whether all foreigners are legally employed and receive official salaries.

    Although the majority of Ukrainians in Poland now work legally, there remain those who agree to illegal employment or deliberately choose illegal work because of higher wages.

    Previously, we talked about what changes Poland introduced for Ukrainian workers, and also wrote that one of the biggest fears of Ukrainian workers is to be deceived and be left without earned money.

    Source From: Segodnya

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