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Mondini (invalid job), do not leave young people in jeopardy

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“I am recovering from my 38 / mo surgery and am reaching 40 / mo.” Matteo Mondini, after an accident at work which in 2010 cost him the amputation of his right arm and the implantation of a cardiac pacemaker (he was working in a shop and was electrocuted) intervenes on the latest accidents at work such as testimonial of a campaign that has been taking around Italy for years called “Safety Tour” and aims to raise awareness of companies, institutions but above all students on the risks involved in working when safety becomes only an optional .
In particular Mondini, who toured many Italian schools with his initiative and met about 4000 workers, explains, regarding the latest accident that cost the life of an 18-year-old boy alternating between school and work: “I think the students they must not be left in disarray or let them do dangerous activities. They must be helped in orientation and for a possible job placement but in every activity there must be a supervisor who monitors them. I remember that last year in the province of Brescia there was It was another terrible accident that involved a very young apprentice (16 years old) who had been raised to a height of 5 meters to carry out work. This is not possible: in these cases it is necessary to have a supervisor, a person who monitors every activity ensuring the safety of the children “. The boys – says Mondini – “must be helped in their orientation for a possible job placement. They cannot be abandoned to themselves”.
What to do? Mondini, supported by a team led by Miriam Chilante, has been going around schools and companies for years to tell his story, even in the dramatic aspects but for which he has decided to react: “when I tell about my arm to the workers of the companies it falls silence. Everyone knows that this can happen to them too. Telling my story can be a way to alert workers and students and maybe avoid yet another death “. And the proposal to the institutions is: “let us combine training with witness. I am, even unwillingly, ready since 2010”.

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