Only the ruble is lower: the Ukrainian hryvnia is in the top of the world’s weakest currencies

Thomson Reuters has ranked the weakest and growing currencies since the beginning of 2022

What currency fell below the hryvnia / Photo: UNIAN, Collage: Today

The Ukrainian hryvnia was in second place in the ranking of currencies that have fallen the most since the beginning of the year. The first place is occupied by the Russian ruble.

This is evidenced by data from Thomson Reuters.

According to them, for the first time in four years, the hryvnia has come so close to the mark of UAH 29 and in the last days of January fell 5.5% against the dollar.

Russian ruble for this period fell 5.6%, but the rating of growing currencies was headed by the South African rand. Monthly currency strengthened by 4.3% to the American dollar.

Russian invasion threat

Swedish-American political scientist Andres Aslund also noted that the hryvnia has devalued on record and almost reached the level of 2015.

According to the expert, it affects the economy so much the threat of a Russian invasion and the escalation around this topic.

In order to somehow help the situation, Aslund recommends that Ukraine fulfill the following conditions:

  • International Monetary Fund;
  • the World Bank;
  • EBRD;
  • ES;
  • USA.

This will help attract additional finance to the country and strengthen the economy.

Segodnya previously wrote whether there was a real threat of a Russian invasion, and told how Ukraine could become a catalyst for the fall of the global economy.

Source From: Segodnya

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