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    Some Ukrainians will be suspended from work: what will happen to salaries and seniority

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    We tell you what will happen to the salaries and insurance experience of those who have been suspended from work since January 31 by order of the Ministry of Health

    Who will be suspended from work from January 31 / Photo: UNIAN, Collage: Today

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    In Ukraine, an order of the Ministry of Health comes into force on January 31, which provides for the expansion of the list of organizations whose employees must be vaccinated against coronavirus without fail.

    “Today” we figured out what will happen to the salaries and seniority of those who do not fulfill this requirement.

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    According to the order, those who will be suspended from work due to refusal to be vaccinated, they will completely deprive you of your salary.

    Insurance experience, which is necessary for retirement, too will not be counted.

    The reason is that deductions to the Social Insurance Fund, for which a person is credited with seniority, come from the salary that he was deprived of.

    Who was added to the list?

    The new list includes:

    • employees of local self-government bodies;
    • employees of healthcare institutions;
    • employees of municipal enterprises, institutions and organizations.

    If an employee has an absolute contraindication to vaccination, then he is exempt from this requirement. However, to do this, it is necessary to provide confirmation of the inability to be vaccinated.

    For whom else is vaccination mandatory?

    Previously, teachers, employees of central executive authorities, local state administrations, as well as employees of strategically important facilities were included in the list of professions.

    People of these specialties will also not be able to keep their salaries in case of suspension.

    “Today” used to write how to generate a new certificate after receiving a booster dose and tell who and when to pay property tax and income.

    Source: Segodnya

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