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Phantom siren syndrome – how to stop hearing the alarm everywhere and not be nervous

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The stress of the war leads to the fact that even in complete silence, we hear a sound calling to run for cover. How to stop hearing phantom sounds – in the article

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For many, ordinary everyday sounds during the war with Russia turned into “enemies”: enemy planes are heard in the buzzing of a boiler, the whistle of a boiling kettle resembles an air raid alarm, and the steps of neighbors from above are missile strikes. Together with NGO “Rip Kolo” what is phantom siren syndrome and how to deal with it.

During the war, we are all in danger: the brain in such conditions works to the maximum and uses all the senses in order to catch “alarm calls” in time and give us the opportunity to escape. We are always on the alert, constantly ready to react and therefore sometimes we hear the sounds of a siren where there are none.

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Although this mechanism generally works to our advantage, the reaction to phantom sirens exhausts the nervous system and makes us twitch even in silence.

To minimize false signals and give the nervous system a chance to relax, try the following techniques:

  • Grounding Technique – List or count the objects around you, name a few sounds, smells, colors and textures around you. This is how attention shifts.
  • It is also useful to breathe fresh air and wash yourself with cold water – so the focus of consciousness will move from emotions to physical sensations.

Satisfy the important needs of your own body in a timely manner, we often forget to do this – drink water, eat, sleep if possible, or do some exercise of any kind. Don’t forget about communication with loved ones – it helps to get rid of anxiety.

To calm down, you should prepare a plan in case an emergency does occur. Check the emergency suitcase with the necessary things, discuss with your family the plan in case of evacuation, distribute responsibilities. Put the things you need in places where it will be convenient to quickly take them.

If you can’t cope, then call a psychotherapist – read “How to get help from a psychotherapist for free – a list of specialists.”

If you live in a community of migrants, then find out “How to get along in the same house with strangers, if you were forced to leave for the duration of the war – advice to migrants.”

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