Panic attacks in children – what to do for parents, advice from Dr. Komarovsky

If a child has a panic attack during an air raid, rub the tip of his nose or wet his lips with water. What else to do – in the article

How to calm a child if he has a panic attack? / Photo: Collage: Today

Children no less, if not more than adults, suffer from stress, moving, air raid signals. How to help toddlers and older children during a panic attack – said the popular pediatrician Evgeny Komarovsky in his Instagram post.

You and your child can do the following exercises of your choice: ⠀

  • put your hand on your stomach, about three fingers below the solar plexus and tap on this place;⠀
  • rub the tip of your nose or your baby;⠀
  • do not press hard on the eyeballs from both sides;⠀
  • if it is possible to sit or lie down – try to lie on your back yourself and make leg movements, like on a bicycle, let the child repeat.

Also with a panic attack in a child you can lubricate your lips or rinse your mouth with water, rub the body. It also helps to rub the point between the little finger (fourth) and the little finger – there is a point of panic.

To “relieve” stress, you can concentrate on breathing – fold one hand like a shuttle and cover your lips with it, put the other hand on your stomach. Exhale – the hand goes down to the chest, inhale – the hand rises to the mouth.

Help for adults and older children the exercise stretching the tongue as far as possibleas if trying to touch the chest. Try also to look to the right without turning your head – as far as possible for 15-20 seconds, then look straight ahead, then look to the left – as far as possible, then straight again.

Try to put your hands on the ribs of yourself or the child, feel how they expand and rise when you breathe; then you can rub your palm against your palm and apply to the kidneys (located at the back just above the waist on both sides). ⠀

Parents, remember in any crisis you The main thing is to keep calm! If you do not cope with your anxiety, it is passed on to children.

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