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    How to survive the loss of a loved one – advice from a psychologist

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    Death is a part of our life, and sooner or later we will all face the loss of a loved one. But how to cope with the loss in wartime – read the material

    The psychologist warned that, as a rule, we can come to terms and accept the loss of loved ones only after a year / Photo: unsplash.com

    Yesterday a shell hit my sister’s house. She is no more…

    How many such messages we see every day … How many more we will see … Unfortunately, this is our reality in which we find ourselves. Psychologist Svetlana Arefnia explained in the Zirkoviy Shlyakh program on the Ukraine channel, which airs on Indigo TV, how to find the strength to live on.

    Shock is the first thing a person feels when they learn about a loss. This is a natural reaction. We must accept the fact that none of us is ready to put up with the misfortune and loss of a loved one.

    For some time, a person “hangs” in the stage of denial, – said psychologist Svetlana Arefnia. “It’s okay if he doesn’t want to believe what happened.

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    According to the expert, at such a moment there should be those people who are ready to support and accept any of your condition.

    It is important to live through the loss: to cry, scream, curse the enemy, that is, not to accumulate negative emotions that appear, but to give yourself the opportunity to accept them, the psychologist explained.

    It is necessary to live on. How to find these powers? You cannot live for yourself, do it to spite the enemy. Help other people, tell the truth about the war in Ukraine on social networks, start learning and speaking Ukrainian, bring food to an elderly neighbor, clean up the area near your house – every action works against the enemy.

    Svetlana Arefnia noted in an interview that it takes at least a year to accept a loss.

    Understanding that a loved one is no more is a long way, so do not hold back your emotions, do not lock yourself in and be close to those who can morally support you, the psychologist said hfc.

    Watch more videos on the YouTube channel “Zirkoviy Shlyakh”.

    Recall that the channel “Ukraine” continues to broadcast the national marathon “United News” and participate in its production. Favorite programs and serials of the channel “Ukraine” are aired by the channel “Indigo TV”.

    It will be useful for you to learn how to get free psychological help during the war.

    Source: Segodnya

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