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    Not just for the elderly – who benefits from Nordic walking, 4 interesting facts

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    Nordic walking is used for weight loss, but not everyone knows that Nordic walking is good for maintaining the health of the elderly. More in the article


    Nordic walking is most suitable for the elderly to maintain health / Photo: Collage: Today, freepik.com

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    Nordic walking, its Finnish name Sauvakävely is walking with sticks, became quite popular in Ukraine long before the Russian attack. Every third Saturday in May, World Nordic Walking Day is held around the world: if you are safe nowthen it’s time to try this physical activity.

    Igor Babenko, a sports pharmacologist, methodologist-teacher of the “Academy of Fitness of Ukraine” shopping center, helped to figure out why this load visa is suitable for the elderly.

    Igor Babenko
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    Igor Babenko / Photo: press service

    So, Scandinavian, aka Nordic walking or Nordic, and even more rarely Finnish – this is walking, which uses a certain technique and technique of walking with the help of specially designed sticks. First of all, this type of activity is suitable:

    1. For those who suffer from age-related changes in pain in the joints, problems with the musculoskeletal system, etc. That is, older people. Since the use of sticks helps to relieve the load on the joints and spine.
    2. Tourists, if you have to walk up to 30 kilometers on foot or more.
    3. For weight loss for people with very high weight and obesity. For such people, abruptly starting to run or go to the gym can be simply dangerous. And the use of sticks when walking will help reduce the load of excess weight on the joints and feet when walking.
    4. As a rehabilitation after injuries, operations, recovery after serious heart problems (for example, a heart attack) – but only as prescribed by a doctor.

    But the first session is a must. walk with an instructor. Since an incorrectly distributed load and improperly selected sticks can be harmful to health.

    Nordic walking is popular among young people, although it is recommended for the elderly

    Nordic walking is popular among young people, although it is recommended for the elderly / Photo: unsplash.com

    For healthy and younger people who do not have problems with excess weight and joints, regular walks are suitable (it is better to do them more often and longer), jogging, yoga, swimming pool, gym – find something to your liking.

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    Source: Segodnya

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